Hello, digital artists! This is NEORT. This is a challenge for those who are new to NEORT. First of all, instead of greeting, let's post the artwork you have created so far, or an artwork that expresses your style. Would you like to tell us about yourself by posting a commentary on your artwork and your stance on art production with the artwork?

If you want to challenge this theme, attach the "NEORTchallenge" and "HelloNEORT" tags to your work. The artworks with tags are listed on this page.


  • Format: Unspecified if you can post to NEORT
  • Size: Unspecified
  • Sound: Unspecified
  • Orientation: Portrait or landscape
  • Video format: H.264, mp4
  • Video duration: 1-minute max
  • Video file size: 50MB

Create artwork with #HelloNEORT

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