GIF art is a type of digital art that appeared in 1987. It can be shared on the web and has become popular as a new form of art with the development of the web. In 2014, a GIF art contest was held at the Institute of Contemporary Art "Saatchi Gallery" in London, which also shows the spread and high creativity of GIF art. Let's challenge the production of GIF artworks from the perspective of art.

If you want to challenge this theme, attach the "NEORTchallenge" and "GIF" tags to your work. The artworks with tags are listed on this page. You can post a GIF file from the image artwork creating screen.


  • Format: Any method that can output as a GIF file
  • Size: Unspecified
  • Sound: Unspecified
  • Orientation: Portrait or landscape
  • Image format: gif
  • Image file size: 50MB

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