NEORT Vessel is a first NFT project for NEORT and it is an attempt to build an environment to enjoy digital art more.
Please check the detail from here.

We're looking for an artist to join the project by this challenge.

1 artist will be selected from artists who posted their artwork onto NEORT with the tag "NEORTVessel" during this challenge and we'll sell their artwork in the project.

The media format is free like image , video and codes.

The theme is also free. Please making what you'd like to express in this project an artwork.

※The artwork you sell on NEORT Vessel might be different from what you submit in this event if you want.


Dec 2, 2021 - 23:59 JST on Dec 15, 2021


We regarded the word "Vessel" as like a bowl and kind of a ship.

It is like a bowl to accept wide range of creation, and is also like a ship to take artists and collectors to new place.

We hope a new experience for digital art could be delivered to many people through this project.

Website: https://vessel.neort.io/

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