NEORT++, an art gallery in Bakurocho, Tokyo, is pleased to announce a call for entries for the exhibition "CURATION FREE" from Dec 10, 2022 - Dec 18, 2022.

Until now, NEORT++ has been curated by gallerists who work with artists to create exhibitions. This year's exhibition, which will conclude in 2022, will not be curated, but will instead take advantage of the openness of the NEORT platform to anyone who wishes to participate.

During the exhibition period, works submitted to NEORT will be exhibited in the NEORT++ space in Bakurocho, Tokyo.

We cannot predict what kind of exhibition it will be, but we hope it will be a new experiment that respects the diversity of expression.

Application period

Dec 4, 2022 23:59 JST

Exhibition Period

Dec 10, 2022 14:00 JST - Dec 18, 2022 19:00 JST

Exhibition Location

NEORT++ in Tokyo


Display Method

  • Wall projection by 8 projectors
  • Maximum size is 11012px × 1080px
  • Each work is displayed for approximately 1 minute (repeated playback as many times as the number of works)

Application Guidelines

  • Any work in any format that can be submitted to NEORT is acceptable.
  • Size
    • JS / GLSL
      • Full screen representation(11012px × 1080px)cdq4mocn70rqdtr2jae0.jpg
    • Image・Video
      Either A or B below
      • A. Display on 4 walls
        • 5506px × 2160px
      • B. One display on the front
        • Width: Any width within the range of 1080px - 3098px
        • Height:1080pxcdq4mvcn70rqdtr2jaeg.jpg

How to participate

  • Submit your work to NEORT with the following two tags
    2. One of day1 - day7 (representing the day of the exhibit)
      • day1:Dec 10(Sat)
      • day2:Dec 11(Sun)
      • day3:Dec 14(Wed)
      • day4:Dec 15(Thu)
      • day5:Dec 16(Fri)
      • day6:Dec 17(Sat)
      • day7:Dec 18(Sun)


  • If a work is deemed unsuitable for exhibition, such as a work offensive to public order and morals, it may not be included in the exhibition.
  • Depending on the contents of the submitted works, the exhibition method may be arranged.

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